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Homestay network is a new agent in civil society. The network consists of more than 4,000 equal members in the different parts of the country. There are also other ways to take part in the network apart from hosting. Contact the local group closest to you or attend the next event you find in our calendar.

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Juuri nyt on tilausta erityisesti seuraavalle toiminnalle:

Support for hosts
Let's plan how we could support the hosts.

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Do you speak a language such as Arabic, Dari, Urdu, Pashto, Farsi or Somali?

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Join a local group

Local groups form the base of the activity of Homestay Network. At the moment, there is a local group at seven areas.
There are many different roles a local group member can take.
They can act as support persons, interpreters and coordinators. Contact the Homestay Network and join the homestay society!

The local groups are coordinated nationally:

Cannot find your area on our map?

If there isn't a local group of Homestay Network in your area yet, you can found one yourself! Anyone can start a local group. The active members of national network and active local groups are happy to help you.

Founding a local group in a nutshell:

1. Gather a group of local activists to form a core team. You don't need more than four or five people to start with.
2. Contact the national coordinators of Homestay Network. They add the information of your group to the net page of Homestay Network and tell you how to start the activity.
3. Sit down with the other local activists, study Homestay Handbook, and make decisions on starting the activity.
4. Start the activity! Most local groups of Homestay Network have created a closed Facebook group for themselves, but you are welcome to use any means that suits you. Contact a reception center or centers nearby and tell about the homestay activity to the workers there. Your can find new active members and hosts for example by arranging info nights and advertising in local newspapers.

The workers of Homestay Network are happy to help you with any questions you have.

Join the national activity

Are you interested in coordinating the national activity or acting as a support person for the local groups? Could you spare a couple of hours a week to follow emails or updating social media? Do you have ideas about how to develop Homestay Network?

You can join the national activity of Homestay Network no matter where in the world you are. Contact us and tell what kind of activity you are interested in!

Donate your expertize to Homestay Network

There are many professionals involved in Homestay Network. As the network grows we need more and more skilled members. There is always need for computer specialists, translators, interpreters, professionals of communications and marketing, organization experts, and project leaders. The local groups have organized a lot of different support and free time activities besides the homestay, and thus all kinds of skills are appreciated.

Contact us and tell what kind of expertize you would be interested in donating.