NB: The STEA funded operations of The Home Accommodation Network will be temporarily paused and will probably resume in Spring 2021. The board and employees of the Network will inform once operations begin again.
Opening your home for an asylum seeker makes your everyday life richer. As well as challenges, new people bring also more life, happiness and laughter with them. When offering your home for someone you are doing volunteering work that has a great impact both on a life of an individual and the whole of Finnish society.

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Home Accommodation Network is a new agent in civil society. The network consists of hundreds equal members in the different parts of the country. We contact each other regularly, share information, help each other in case of problems, and together build up the activity of the civil network.

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Would you like to live in a Finnish home?

Welcome to Finland, asylum seeker! Did you know, that you can choose, where you want to live, while waiting for the decision on asylum?
Home Accommodation Network helps you to get to know Finnish people, who want to offer their home as a place of lodging for asylum seekers.

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