Would you like to host an asylum seeker?

Homestay network for asylum seekers brings together average Finns and asylum seekers.

Opening your home for an asylum seeker is an excellent way to get to know new people, refresh your day-to-day life, and do voluntary work that is significant to both individuals and society. Living in a home gives an asylum seeker a meaningful and dignified start for his/her life in Finland. Integrating is faster and costs are smaller, because homestay makes networking and learning the language and the customs more efficient.

Homestay is started with help of a local group of the homestay network. Local groups also arrange info nights for new people interested in homestay activity. Therefore, it is advisable to contact a local group, even if you are not ready to lodge anyone in your home yet. If there is not a local group in your area, you can found one.

You can find more information of homestay in our Home-Accommodation-Guide-in-English.

The process of homestay

1. Fill in the contact form.

Tell more about your situation and your wishes in the form. You can make questions. We will pass your information on to the local group closest to you. They will contact you, and arrange a meeting for you and the asylum seeker.

You can also contact directly the local group of Homestay Network closest to you.

2. Interview

The local group will contact you and arrange an unformal interview, where you can tell more about your ability to lodging and get answers to the questions in your mind.

3. Meet the asylum seeker

The local group arranges a meeting for you and the asylum seeker. If there is a lot of space in your home, you can host several asylum seekers or a family.

4. Lodging contract

If after the meeting, both parties are willing to live together, the asylum seeker can move in your home. The local group will help you fill the lodging contract and deal with the reception center.

5. Living together

At first, it is advisable to agree on many practical things that come up when living together. The local group and the support people of Homestay Network help you to get started. They are there for you and the asylum seeker also during the whole of homestay.



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