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Home Accommodation Support Association

Home Accommodation Support is a registered association founded in 2015. The association supports the network of local actors, coordinating and advancing home accommodation nationally.    

The association has versatile activities, including:

  • We give advice and support both those who host and those who stay in home accommodation, and if necessary  guide them further to other service providers   
  • We give necessary support for new home stay providers
  • We organize common activities and facilitate peer support in different localities, also virtually  
  • We inform the public about matters related to home accommodation, and coordinate media and advocacy work  

The support association collaborates and partners with many other organizations working with immigration matters and liaisons with relevant authorities and decision makers.   

The staff and job descriptions  

Executive director Terhi Aaltonen (Finnish, English, Spanish)Matters related to the association and the network, co-operation relations with non-governmental organizations and authorities, media  

Community Mobilisation Coordinator Halja Vehkaoja  (Ukrainian, Finnish, Russian, German) – information and guidance services in practical matters related to home stay, especially for Ukrainians 


Activities of the association are financed mainly by the grants of Funding Centre for Social Welfare and Health Organisations (STEA). Also some municipalities and the Finnish Church have funded the association, and crowdfunding campaigns have been used as well. 

Board of the association

The association has a board with 3-8 members and 0-8 deputy members. Some of the present board members have been active in the network for many years in different roles, some as home stay hosts themselves. You can contact the board by sending e-mail message to