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Interested in volunteering for the network?

If you are interested in volunteering for the Home Accommodation Network, we recommend getting in touch with Eva, our Community Mobilisation Advisor at the office.   

Volunteers are needed in several roles other than just hosts: for example to manage social media groups, to help with interpretions and translations, to build local networks and collaborative efforts and to to organize various events.   

 Local volunteers are involved in development of the network nationally as well, and we organise national meetings regularly.   

 Volunteers have also been content providers, giving for example texts, photographs, videos and  other materials to be used by the network.

Contact us

Community Mobilisation Advisor Eva Kuhlefelt  (Finnish, Swedish, English)

tel. +358 44 239 7049 (phone hours Mon-Fri 10–12 am)

Community Mobilisation Coordinator 

Halja Vehkaohja (Ukrainian and Russian speaking)    

 tel. +358 44 987 2594 (phone hours Mon-Fri 10-12 am and 14-16 pm)