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About us

During 2015-16 more asylum seekers than ever before arrived in Finland. Many new activities were started at that time. Home accommodations were first started spontaneously when asylum seekers and local people got to know each other.

People interested in home accommodation formed networks with one another locally and nationally, and there was a need to build more permanent organization to coordinate and support these activities. Home Accommodation Support Association was established.

There are local activities all over the country as well as national level activity, both face to face and virtually.

Home Accommodation Network is self-governing and local groups can arrange their activities according to local needs in ways that they find most suitable. However, commitment to agreed principles is required.

Shared principles regarding the activities are: volunteerism, reciprocity, trust and right to privacy.

Home Accommodation Support Association has an office and paid staff in Helsinki. These functions are mainly funded by the The Funding Centre for Social and Welfare Organizations (STEA).