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About home accommodation

For an asylum seeker home stay is a good option live, to become part of the society and find contacts to local people. This advances integration as a two-way process.

Hosting is voluntary civil engagement. The government provides asylum seekers accommodation in reception centres but they are allowed to live elsewhere as well.  

Home Accommodation Network and its support association foster home stays that are:

  • voluntary and free of charge/compensation
  • carefully considered and decided together
  • mostly long-term
  • safe for all parties
  • based on egalitarian relationship. The hosted one is not an object of help who is being helped by the host
  • advancing integration as a two-way process

Home accommodation gives both parties valuable experience. The resident will find their way into the local community, is able to acquire language skills and contact network. Also, the home stay provider will get to know new people, and get new experience and viewpoint of the society.