About us

Home Accommodation Network is a nationwide network that coordinates home accommodation for asylum seekers.

We work closely with national authorities, reception centers, and the third sector. Our goal is to facilitate the integration of asylum seekers arriving in Finland through homestays, making sure that their new life here starts in a sensible and humane way.

In practice, the main purpose of the Home Accommodation Network is to bring hosts and asylum seekers together. This work is done by the local groups. At the moment, there are 23 local groups around Finland.

Most of the work of the Home Accommodation Network is based on volunteer work. Our work is funded by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. 

Kotimajoituksen tuki ry (Home Accommodation Support) is an association that supports the work of the network. The chairperson of the board is Martta Pietarinen anf the vice-chairperson Pauliina Liukkonen. The members of the board are Pär Silén, Marie-Louise Litonius, Laura Malin and Marjaana Toiviainen. 

Home Accommodation Network has four employees: Terhi Aaltonen (Executive Director), Eva Kuhlefelt (Community Mobilization Advisor), Maria Niemiharju (Communications Specialist) and Halja Vehkaoja (Community Mobilization Coordinator).